Catchweight Studio is a one man game develeopment studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently developing WW1 survival horror game CONSCRIPT.


Catchweight Studio an independent game development studio founded in 2020. Catchweight Studio is currently working on its first full length commercial game called CONSCRIPT. The team consists of sole developer JD, who is handling code, art and music for the project. CONSCRIPT first started as a project to help me learn the very basics of game development, which had always been a childhood dream. The overall design of the game stemmed from two things. Firstly, my love for the survival horror genre. Secondly, as a history major with a passion for WW1 I felt that the Great War remained neglected as a time period in games. Naturally, survival horror and mankind's most brutal conflict go hand in hand.



CONSCRIPT - Kickstarter TrailerYouTube

CONSCRIPT - Reveal TrailerYouTube

Team & Repeating Collaborator

JD Mochi
Founder, Solo Developer, Catchweight Studio