Catchweight Studio is a primarily one man game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently developing World War 1 themed survival horror game CONSCRIPT.


CONSCRIPT is being developed and designed by solo developer Jordan Mochi, living in Melbourne Australia. CONSCRIPT is my first commercial project, and has been a solo undertaking as of this point. Everything I’ve learnt is self taught from the internet. CONSCRIPT first started in 2017 as a project to help me learn the basics of game development and coding whilst I was still at the University of Melbourne studying history - so I could one day pursue my dream of becoming a game developer. The game started small but kept evolving and growing until it slowly became what you see today. All these years later, here we are! The design of CONSCRIPT stemmed from two things. Firstly, my love for the survival horror genre - dating back to the first time I played Resident Evil 4 in 2008 as a young lad. Secondly, as a history major with a passion for WW1, I felt that the Great War remained neglected as a time period in games. So I wanted to explore this time period further - and put my degree to good use. Naturally, one of our most horrific wars and survival horror go hand in hand.



There are currently no trailers available for Catchweight Studio. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jordan Mochi
Founder, Solo Developer, Catchweight Studio